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Welcome to anomaly!

We are a creative life drawing business based in Sheffield. Our collective aim is to explore, encourage and expose your creative flow. We have collaborated with the creative design business Sumo Digital and The University of Sheffield. Here, we provided tailored life drawing classes for staff and students, encouraging individuals to expand their skills and explore creativity as a means to access relaxation and mindfulness.


Life drawing is a brilliant gateway into developing techniques and skill in drawing and to unravel and delve into your inner creativity and expression which can be applied to any creative platform and your daily life. We ran a weekly themed life drawing class in Kelham Island, feedback received from these classes expressed Anomaly’s positive impact in people’s lives from body positivity, creative development to mindfulness. 

Tuesday Workshop


7pm - 9pm (short break at 8pm)

Our classes aim to spark new ideas and ways of drawing by using artist references and set design to help you push your creative boundaries by experimenting with interesting shapes and beautiful forms. Each week I'll project images of an artist I've chosen to feature an talk about how their work can influence your drawings.


plenty of materials including all the classic mark making tools including paper, charcoal,pencils, pens ect. These session aren't tutored but don't let this put you off if you're new to drawing. They're a great place to start your creative life drawing with set design and different artist inspiration each week! I'll also be on hand in the break to give any advice you need to make your drawing better. You can buy drinks + food from The Millowners Arms pub!


The Millowners Arms

Alma Street


S3 8RY

The venue is through the BIG RED DOOR across from Kelham Island Museum.

If you have any problems finding us go to The Millowners Arms pub.


You can park for FREE there are 5 spaces on the right as you go down Alma St


Meet the team.


Liah Edwardes is an artist, and events manager.


Her main creative passions are coordinating art-based classes and collaborating through these. She founded Anomaly Life Drawing, Dog Life Drawing/

“Line drawing was really the first medium I fell in love with. I very quickly became more intrigued and obsessed with the immediacy of continuous line drawings. I enjoy experimenting with repeated images, compositions and mixed media to create unfamiliar artworks.”


Life drawing has been centre of almost all Liah’s personal work and events. Her passion for the human form stems from life drawing classes in her college education. Which she describes as one of the places she felt really comfortable in, a place to slow down from chaotic life and focus. Life drawing has enabled Liah to see past the elements of creating a ‘perfect piece of art’ and breakdown the form before her. She blends this outlook into her teaching by creating a non-pressure environment for people to explore their creativity and techniques.  

Instagram - @liah.edwardes @dog.lifedrawing


Victoria Billingham is a jewellery maker and life model.

Victoria graduated from The University of Sheffield with a degree in metal work and has continued to develop this throughout her ever-expanding career as a jewellery designer and maker. Victoria is an incredibly creative person with a mass of imagination and has worked as a life model for over 8 years. This has allowed her to fully absorb all perspectives of the form, how it can be interpreted and that it is something we should celebrate and embrace! Victoria has been involved in many creative projects such as Kelham Island Residency and running her ring making classes to teach others how to create their own individual pieces. 

Instagram - @victoria_billingham @anomalylifedrawing  @the_island_residency


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 “We have been working with Anomaly Life Drawing for a while and our classes are always very well received by our staff. The team come prepared with exciting new ideas for sets and a range of models, so each class is unique and different. The participants always comment on how much they enjoyed the class and look forward to the next one. Liah and Victoria offer hints and tips throughout the classes and give theoretical insight which help a range of abilities feel comfortable and makes the class more accessible. The online life drawing classes have been brilliant and work extremely well over Zoom. The images are clear and the excellent quality is still offered with Anomaly being present in the calls to provide live support and tips. They are professionals at what they do and they are a pleasure to work with. Correspondence is fast and questions/queries are always answered promptly.” Amy Cross - Sumo Digital 

“It was fantastic!! Looking forward to have more classes further.”

“It was a lot of fun and very useful!"

“You can count on me for the next virtual life drawing class! I’m always up for them, they are great!”

- Artists from Sumo Digital 

"The Anomaly Life Drawing classes that are being held at our studio have been inspirational and have vastly helped in bolstering the team’s creativity. Liah and Victoria are a pleasure to work with; they are always very friendly and approachable while ensuring the classes run smoothly. Even now we are all working from home in an unusual situation, they have been able to set up the classes online which run just as well as if we were all in the studio together. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future" Amie Loake - Sumo Digital